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Female genital surgery – Problems and Solutions

The desire for female genial surgery with a reduction of the labia minora is often related to functional disorders. Such as incarcerations, discomfort riding a bicycle or whilst sitting. The excess of skin in the genital area can enhance fungal and urinary infections, it can let to sores and tearing oft he thin mucous membranes. These problems can be addressed conducting a surgical reduction of the inner labia and if required a augmentation of the outer labia. The procedure is based on a gentle and sophisticated technique to create a balanced overall appearance. Special attension and respect has to be granted to this sensitive and intimate aesthetic region. A reduction of the inner labia is therefore often combined with a augmentation of its concealing outer labia. The procedure aims at covering the inner, through the outer labia or alternatively improve the firmness and shape of the outer labia resulting I a more youthful appearance.

Short Overview

Operation time: 1 – 2 hrs
Anesthesia: local and sedation/ general anesthesia
Hospital stay: out-patient
Convalescence: approx. 4 days
Sports: 3-4 weeks post-op

Variations of labioplasties ?

Reduction of the inner labia and the clitoral hood
The private parts are an aesthetic unit of their own. Using a gentle and safe technique the inner labia and the clitoral hood are tightened and lifted and the excess skin reduced. The clitoris itself remains untouched. Scars will be nearly invisible after an couple of weeks.

Augmentation of the outer labia
Natural occurring substances as hyaluronic acid, endogenous regeneration factors (HYPPP) or the bodies own fat, can be used to augment the outer labia. If necessary these substances will be injected during the operation. In case of autologous fat transfer, the fat will be harvested form a convenient region of your body in advance via liposuction. Scarring is minimal in all cases, since the substances are infiltrated trough tiny incisions. Besides the improved aesthetic appearance, this procedure often coincides with a higher level of pleasure during sexual intercourse.

What to expect from female genital surgery?

The procedure aims at covering the inner through fuller outer labia, restoring a more youthful appearance. You should refrain from having sexual intercourse briefly after the operation and a high level of intimate hygiene is essential. Many of a patients report an increased level of sexual pleasure after a labioplasty. The functional constraints are relieved in almost all cases.

 Are there risks?

In the hands of trained specialist female genital surgery are generally safe procedures. However as in any surgical procedure, adverse events can not be fully excluded and are sometimes unforeseeable. The extend and duration of expected postoperative swelling and bruising for instance, vary al lot between individuals. Rarely wound infections can occur, which if treated correctly do not necessarily jeopardized the final result. Impaired wound-healing is equally uncommon, and is frequently related to issues that should be addressed during the pre-operative consultations. i.e. delayed would healing in patients with diabetis, in smokers and patients that suffer from coagulopathies. In lipofilling of the outer labia there is a potential risk that not all transferred fat-cells will gain access to the blood circulation and be perfused. In that case a follow-up procedure might required, which carries a similarly low risk. If all recommendations are fololwed the healing process generally runs smoothly .

Pre-operative information!

Informed patient consent through one of us is a prerequisite before any surgical procedure. You might find it helpful to write down some questions in advance. Do not hesitate to ask any thing that is on your mind. Fell free to consult us again if questions remained unanswered, either by calling us or during a following appointment later on. The informed patient consent is a document that contains your name, date of birth, the procedure planned and possible complications and adverse events. Your signature states that you have received informed consent and wish to undergo the procedure acknowledging the possible risks and complications.

What to consider before the operation?

If you decide to undergo female genital surgery, it is advisable to disengage from your social and professional obligations for approx. 1 week. Postoperative advises: We suggest not to cramp in to many activities before the operation. That way you can face the operation being emotionally and physically balanced. If any doubts or questions arise before the operation, please do contact your surgeon.

Location / clinic

Depending on your medical indication and your personal preferences we carry out female genital surgery either as an in-patient or out-patient procedure. If conducted as an out-patient procedure you may leave the clinic after a period of postoperative recovery. Under no circumstances you may drive a car yourself on the day of surgery.

What about narcosis?

Depending on the extend of your female genital surgery the procedure will be carried out under general or local anaesthesia. If the procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia, you will receive additional sedation (either as a pill or trough an intravenous line in your arm). Thus you will be awake and at the same time fully relaxed and feel no pain. At worst you might feel some pulling, pintching or shaking every now an than during the operation. In both cases, especially if general anaesthesia is planned, you will consult one of our anaesthetists before the operation. The anaesthesist conducting your narcosis will of course be taking care of you all the way trough the operation.

What to consider after the operation?

  • It is advisable to cool your private parts shorty after a labiaplasty or labiareduction.
  • On the day of your surgery you should avoid strenuous activities and walking long distances, that day you should recover. Please anticipate that you can not drive a car on the day of surgery
  • On the day after surgery the dressings will be changed in our office. You will receive gauze and bandages for the following days.
  • We will prescribe you an antibiotic that you should take for 5 days.
  • You will also receive a prescribtion for a painkiller that you should take accordingly.
  • After 3 days you can shower again. Please use mild shower products
  • The suture material is resorbable and does not need to bee removed.
  • If you experience itching you may apply a sterile cream (e.g. Bepanthen) after consulting us

Can female genital surgery be repeated?

It is generally possible to repeat female genital surgery, but rarely necessary. If you wish to undertake a correction of a recent procedure, it is reasonable to wait for the final result (six months to one year) of the operation, before another procedure is scheduled.


Female genital surgery usually aim at improving the physical appearance, therefore most insurances will not cover the costs. In case of a clear functional disorder, we are very happy to point that out to your insurance. Please do not lay your hopes to high regarding possible coverage of the health insurance. Please understand, that due to their code of ethics doctors must refuse any attempt of unjustified attestation of a functional impairment in case of cosmetic problems.

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