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What does a HYPPP® Liquid Facelift do?

A HYPPP® Liquid Lift is a gentle facelift without cuts. In our clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich, sagging shrunken facial parts are supstituted by additional volume and thus lifted andaugmented. HYPPP® (Hypoxia Preconditioned Products) Lift, is the latest, highly effective and natural filler substance, which consistes of a gel part and a patient-specific regeneration factors. The method is one of the most innovative and scientific approaches in Plastic Surgery today. The effect of a HYPPP® Lift in experienced hands and correct appliance , is a beautiful and natural lifting of your skin. A HYPPP® lift is indicated when the level of skin sagging does not require a a full surgical Facelift yet, if you prefer a more gentle procedure or in combination with a surgical facelifting for a bigger padding effect. We can combine a HYPPP® Liquid Lifting with a full face lift, an eyelid lift, other synthetic fillers, fat grafting, wrinkle treatment, laser skin resurfacing and the EmaCure® Cream. Our Clinic in Munich has long standing experience with fillers and familiar with the most modern methods of lifting at the same time. Bei einem persönlichen Gespräch beraten wir Sie gerne zu der für Sie optimalsten Behandlung.


Problems and Solutions: HYPPP® Liquid Face Lift in Munich

In our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich HYPPP® is obtained from the patients own blood. It contains your patient specific regenerations factors, that activate your skins own rejuvenation process. Embeded in a natural gel, this method implies an immediate padding effect and triggers long-term regeneration processes in your skin. Allergies or intolerances are highly unlikely in a natural and patient-specific product. Further the product can be used more generously and allowes the treatment, padding or lifting of lager facial areas. It is the missing link between termporary and permanent fillers with its dual capacity of a immediate filler and long-term rejuvenation. The immediate effect last for approximately one year the rejuvenation lasts permanently.


What to consider before a Liquid Face Lift?

If you consider a HYPPP®-Liquid-Lift we schedule an appointment at your Clinic in Munich where the potentials and limits of the procedure will be explained to you.
Thereafter we would take a small blood sample, which will take approx. 30 min.
The blood sample will be incubated for less than a week in our Clinic in Munich to produce your own regenerationfactors. At a second appointment your HYPPP®-Liquid-Facelift is performed in our Praxis for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich.


Pre-operative information!

Under normal circumstances there is no need for any specific preparations from your sinde before you plan a HYPPP® Face-Lifting in Munich. Depending on how extensive the treatment was you will be able to persue you daily routine immediately. You should refrain from taking anticoagulants or blood-thinning medications 2 weeks prior to the planned a HYPPP®-Lifting. In case of extensive treatment it helps if you can reduce your perofessional a private obligations to a minimum directly after an injection therapy.
We suggest not to cramp in to many activities before the treatment. That way you can face the operation being emotionally and physically balanced. If any doubts or questions arise before the operation, please do contact your surgeon.


Where does the operation take place?

The treatment is ususally performed as an out-patient procedure in our Practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich. If you wish to combine the injectiontherapy with a Forehead-, Face-, Exelid-Lift or Laser-Treatment it can also be carried out in an in-patient setting.


What about narcosis?

In more extended HYPPP® injection treatments or if you are very sensitive, pain will be controlled with potent local pain killing cream. Further it is possible to administer pain relief by local pain injections or a gentle sedation.


What to consider after a Liquid Facelift?

  • Shortly after you may feel a slight pricking or pulsation in the ares treated
  • Minimal transient swelling and/or brusing may occur.
  • Small rashes usually pass within the first day. In rare cases, especially in fair skinned patients, this may take upto a week.
  • Tiny transient scabs may occure at the injection site.
  • Small plasters can be used for 24 hours to reduce facial mimics and keep the product in place.
  • You should avoid the sun for approx. 7 days and aplly sun protection.
  • If you plan for an extensive treatment, it is best to give yourself some rest afterwards.
  • Please contact us immediately in case of sudden strong pain or any doubts.


Are there risks?

After a treatment with HYPPP® you will look presentable to the public fast. Depending on the extend of the procedure, you have undergone, local swelling and bruising may occur. These disappear after a short while and can be disguised with make-up easily. Eventually you are left with a fresher, firmer and more youthful appearance. Since the substance is made up of your patients-own material allergic reactions are highly unlikely.


Your new look

While the padding effect of the natural gel fraction become visable directly after the treatment, the effect of the regeneration factors will become increasingly evident after one week. Your akin will regenerate and regain its natural glow. To gain maximum benefit of this regeneration effect, repeated treatments (2-3 treatments in an 4-6 week interval) may be useful.


Costs of a HYPPP® Liquid Lift in Munich

After a physical examination and detailed personal consultation an estimation of the individual cost will be made. Since a HYPPP® Lift is performed to improve your looks, health insurnaces do usually not cover the costs for the treatment. In case of a true functional impairment we are happy to state the possible functional improvement to your insurance. Please understand that we must rufuse any attempt to depict a true “aesthetic condition” as a medical one due to our responsibily as doctors. Please discuss possible tax deductability with your tax consultant.


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