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Wrinkle Treatment Munich

In our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich, we offer various approaches for wrinkle treatment. We would therefore like to inform you on different treatment techniques and properties of various filler substances. Moreover we will outline, what to consider before and after treatment. We always have the latest scientific results on injectable substances at hand. Depending on your personal needs a treatment with fillers can be combined with a Face Lift, Eyelid Lift, advanced Laser Procedure or Emacure®.

Short overview

Procedure time: 1-2 minutes per injection
Anesthesia: local anesthesia
Hospital stay: out-patient
Convalescence: immediately
Sports: after max. 7 days



Problems and Solutions

When do we recommend skin-treatments at out Practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich? When and to what extent your skin starts sagging varies individually. Generally gravity, sun exposure and gestures (e.g. smiling, frowning etc.) leave traces in your skin during aging.

Simultaneously your skin losses its youthful elasticity and regeneration potential. In thin and loose skin the effect of non-surgical beauty treatments is reduced. Thus thin and loose skin gives way to crow’s feet, laugh lines, creases on the cheeks and forehead lines. Disposition and way of life also play a role in individual skin aging.

Therefore certain wrinkles (frontal lines) occur earlier in people with a distinct facial expression ( frequent frowning). Additionally the decrease of the subcutaneous tissue and bone mass of the jaws with increased age, leads to sagging and thinning of the lips.


Non permanent Fillers/ Substances

Certain acids naturally occur in human skin as part of the connective tissues. Due to their chemical properties and origin true allergic reactions do not prevail. Depending on the type and depth of wrinkle formation appropriate Hyaluronic products are used. Today injections are the most frequently used treatment for wrinkles and lipaugmentation.

wrinkle treatment munich


filler munich

Permanent Fillers

For the treatment of wrinkle the bodies own fat is usually harvested from the stomach, the thighs and the knees or other available region of the body (via liposuction). Fat can be applied to build up sagging cheeks, to even out laugh lines in the lower part of the face, to correct scars and to fill the lip contour. If lager filler volumes are required fat can be a sensible option.

Artefill. The collagen part in this substance contains 25 percent tiny synthetical particles, that evoke, building up tissue in the deeper skin layers – similar to scar formation. The injected collagen itself is resorbed over time. The scar is therefore finally padded with autologous tissue.

Whatever injectable therapy you use, you will be supplied with the appropriate information forms, that address the diverse substance properties in detail. During a consultation and examination in our office, we will decide together on the treatment that suits you most.

Fillers, what to expect?

When the skin starts sagging and the face is wrinkling you look can be in contrast to your self-esteem. This is specially true in active and energetic persons. A treatment with injectables can restore your firm and fresh look temporarily. Injections under the skin may lift sagging facial features and fill ceases. Injecting lines helps improving the texture, the palpable and visible properties, of the skin. Lines, wrinkles and even scar can be treated that way. Further the technique of injecting someone own fat, which is taken from one region where it can be speared, to augment, fill and lift another region is an additional tool.


Wrinkle Treatment: what to expect?

Wrinkle injections have been in used for a long time safely and successfully in our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery as well as in other medial areas. They are well suited to treat gestural and dynamic creases, since the functional muscle units can be addressed directly. Decreasing muscle contractions relaxes the deep muscle groups. Wrinkle treatments have proven effective, treating gestural lines in the face, like frowning lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines or frontal lines. Their mode of action makes them a paramount substance dealing with wrinkles, that developed through unconscious muscle contractions. Fillers are mainly applied in the upper third of the face, but can also be used for the regions around the nose and mouth.


filler treatment munich

Depending on which substance has been used the effect of the treatments lasts from few weeks only to several months, since both collagen and hyaluronic Acids are broken down at an individual rate from person to person, after injection. Age, skin properties, genetic disposition and way of living affect the durability of the treatment. Permanent, non-resorbable substances have a lasting effect, but they can and should not stop the natural process of aging either. The fine lines around the mouth limit the effect of wrinkle treatment using filler substances.

In this case sophisticated Laser procedures can be successfully applied. Which lead to a more firm and fresher skin by inducing skin contraction on a superficial and deep level. An advanced level of skin wrinkling can also limit the effect of treatment with injectabels and fillers alone. A combined approach with a Face Lift, Forehead Lift or Eyelid Lift may be reasonable.

In our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich, we will explore the various treatment options together and find the most suitable one for you.

Your personal expectations

For a successful treatment in our Practice in Munich it is paramount, that you objectively assess your complexion and become aware of what exactly you find disturbing and should be changed. Fillers can distinctly improve or ease creases and even scars or boost fine lips – more or less permanent depending on the substance. It can be beneficial if you could demonstrate on a recent picture of you, what it is, you wish to be altered. There are many reasons why people opt to seek Plastic Surgical treatment.

In some jobs one’s looks are more important. In any case you personal well-being should be the main motivation. Improving your physical complexion can however have a positive effect on your professional and private life. These impacts should neither be over- nor underestimated. Please address your wishes, expectations and concerns openly before the procedure.

Are there risks?

If fillers are applied, by a qualified Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, the risk of complications is minor and rare. The individual tendency of a complication is however hard to predict.

The application of collagen substances rarely coincides with allergic reactions. The tendency of an allergic reaction can be tested in advance and closely observed in the following weeks. In case of rash formation, itching of swelling you should inform your doctor immediately.

Skin infections, which can be managed under medical supervision, may occur in rare cases. Such conditions may be enhanced through aspects that are evaluated pre-operatively, e.g. delayed wound-healing in diabetics, smokers and patients that suffer from coagulopathies or a tendency towards skin infections. In rare exceptions scar formation, thickening of the skin or wound-healing disorders might develop. These rare complications can be meliorated trough appropriate measures.

Rarely filler substances may lead to extensive swellings or stronger rashes, but even these adverse effects are temporary in all temporary filler substances.

Other fillers act directly by temporarily weakening those muscle strands that produce wrinkles. At times this effect extends to facial muscles that were not intended, to be paralyzed – the most common look of such this adverse effect is a dropped upper eyelid or brow asymmetries.

Since fat injections use the body’s own material allergic reactions are not to be expected. Risks are rare and can appear in form of bruising, giving a blue and swollen aspect in the area’s that were treated.

Artefill is a permanent filler, which in rare cases may cause nodule formation, which, depending on the extend can be resolved. If you follow our recommendations closely the desired result can be archived without any complications.

Pre-operative information!

Informed patient consent through one of us is a prerequisite before any surgical procedure. You might find it helpful to write down some questions in advance. Do not hesitate to ask any thing that is on your mind. Fell free to consult us again if questions remained unanswered, either by calling us or during a following appointment later on.

The informed patient consent is a document that contains your name, date of birth, the procedure planned and possible complications and adverse events. Your signature states that you have received informed consent and wish to undergo the procedure acknowledging the possible risks and complications.

What to consider before the operation?

Generally there is no need to prepare much before you wish to undergo wrinkle treatment. Depending on the extend of the treatment you may continue your usual activities straight after the treatment. In case of extensive procedures it is advisable to reduce your social and professional obligations. We suggest not to cramp in to many activities before the treatment, so you can face the procedure being emotionally and physically balanced. If any doubts or questions arise before the operation, please do contact your surgeon.

Where does the procedure take place?

The treatment of wrinkles is usually performed in our practice facilities as an out-patient procedure. If the procedure is combined with a Forehead , Face Lift or any other major procedure it will be performed simultaneously during your operation in the hospital.

Local anaesthesia

What about narcosis?

Some substances already contain local painkillers, and often do not require additional pain relief.

For all other substances or if you are very sensitive and/or an extensive treatment is planned, special local anaesthetic crèmes are used and recommended. Further there is always the possibility of local nerve blockade or light sedation.

In Fat Injection local anaesthesia is required in the donor and recipient area. In extensive procedures even a light sedation might be reasonable.


What happens during the procedure?

The duration of injection therapies depends largely on the type and extent of the procedure. In Fat Injections additional time to harvest the fat is needed. After skin disinfection, a fine needle places the substance where required under the skin in local anaesthesia. Essentially this procedure is similar in all other filler substances.

Botulinumtoxins are injected in the crease building muscle strands in tiny dosages. After setting the operation field Lipofilling starts with harvesting the fat tissue using a cannula under negative pressure in local anaesthesia. After carefully preparing the fat it is injected through a finer cannula where desired. Right after the therapy is completed the treated areas a cooled, to avoid swelling and bruising.

What to consider after an injectable procedure ?

  • Shortly after the procedure you may experience a sensation of prickling or pulsating in the area that have been treated.
  • Sometimes slight swellings and occasionally bruising may occur, which often resolves after few days only.
  • Possible rashes disappear within the first 24 hours. In rare cases rashes might last for a week in extremely fair patients.
  • Tiny scabs might persist for few days.
  • Minimal dressing for 24 hours can be sensible, to help keep the substance in place and reduce the gestural influence.
  • If fat tissue is applied the mentioned adverse effects like swelling, rashes or bruising, may also show at the donor site.
  • Please avoid sun exposure for several days and apply protection.
  • If you have undergone the procedure under sedation, you may not drive a vehicle for 24 hours.
  • If you have chosen a more extensive treatment, you might want to rest for a couple of days afterwards.
  • In case of sudden pain or other unexpected symptoms after any procedure, please contact us immediately.

Your new look after a filler treatment

You will observe a clear difference immediately after the treatment. the preservation of the result varies depends on the substance used and varies from patient to patient. Crucial aspects are way of living, predisposition and area of treatment. The results last longer in calmer than in more active facial areas. During a personal consultation we will discuss if and when a therapy can be repeated, to sustain the result for as long a possible. Most patients are very happy with the result and surprised of their fresh and firm complexion.


The treatment usually aim at improving the physical appearance, therefore most insurances will not cover the costs. In case of a clear functional disorder, we are very happy to point that out to your insurance. Please do not lay your hopes to high regarding possible coverage of the health insurance. Please understand, that due to their code of ethics doctors must refuse any attempt of unjustified attestation of a functional impairment in case of cosmetic problems.

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