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Skin rejuvenation (myHYPPP®)

Typical Problems

With increasing age patients often suffer from skin wrinkeling and loss of skin suppleness, reducing the skins radiance and youthful firmness. Alteration in skin pigmentation may leas to blotchiness, which compromises a formerly even and flaweless complexion. As a result of this one gives a and ashed impression. These modifications affect the skin layers above the subcutaneous fat layer, the so-called epidermis and dermis.
However superficial scars e.g acne induced may also lead to an uneven complexion.

Short Overview

Operation time: approx. 60 min (depending on the extend)
Anaesthesia: local and sedation
Hospital stay: out-patient
Convalescence: approx. 7 days
Sports: 2 weeks post-op

The solution – skin rejuvenation with myHYPPP®

Our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic surgery provides the most innovative and effective technique of non-invasive skin rejuvenation: the Encore® ultra-plused, fractioned C02-Laser! While it ablated the damaged superficial skin layers by evaporation the deep layers a tightend by contraction of collagen fibres simultaneously. Evening and rejuvenating your skin complexion. In comparison to former laser-technologies swelling and redness occur less frequent with this effective but gentle method. Moreover the technology is less painful and carries less risk of adverse events than comparable techniques. Due to a special configuration ( the non ablative mode), this laser is capable of reducing buldging of deep tissue layers additionally. Enableing treatment the malar bags that are otherwise hard to reach. In most cases one treatment session is suffizient for optimal results.

What to expect from laser skin rejuvination?

The ultrapulsed, fractioned C02 Encore® Laser aims at accomplishing a visible skin rejuvenation, evening out and refreshening of your skin complexion – especially in the face. It gives back the face its youthful look, a fresh glow and natural radiance. By restoring an even skin surface, you gain a less fatigued and exhausted look. While this treatment is capable of reducing moderate skin and tissue flaccidity it is not substitute for a facelift in case of severe tissue sagging.

What techniques are there?

For an ablative, fractioned, ultra-plused C02-Lasertreatment (aplying the active fx® Mode) initially affected regions have to defined according to the aesthetic subunits.
If facial wrinkels are to be treated the procedure usually has to be performed bilaterally. For the treatment of aging spots unilateral treatment may be sufficient.
The non-ablative, ultra-plused, fractioned C02-Lasertreatment (applying the deep fx- Mode) targets deeper tissue layers a is performed bilateraly in the face. The treatment of superficial skin creases and deep tissue layers, as well as the treatment of aging spots may be performed alone or simultaneously

Are there risks?

After lasertherapy transient swellings and redding may occur for few days. In rare cases these symtoms last for more than a week. Occasionally small pimples around eg. the eyes, discolourations or skin dryness may appear. Scarring or wound infections can are a further rare possible risk.


Pre-operative information!

Informed patient consent through one of us is a prerequisite before any surgical procedure. You might find it helpful to write down some questions in advance. Do not hesitate to ask any thing that is on your mind. Fell free to consult us again if questions remained unanswered, either by calling us or during a following appointment later on. The informed patient consent is a document that contains your name, date of birth, the procedure planned and possible complications and adverse events. Your signature states, that you have received informed consent and wish to undergo the procedure acknowledging the possible risks and complications.

What to consider before the operation?

If you decide to undergo laser rejuvenation, you should in a stable physical and mental condition. Please cut any smoking and drinking of alcohol back to a minimum. Seven days prior to laser surgery refrain from taking Aspirin or any other anticoagulant substances. For optimal recovery and reduction of swelling and redding, we further advise you to plan in for a five day break after the treatment.

Where does the operation take place?

Depending on your medical indication and your personal preferences laser rejuvination is either performed as an in-patient or out-patient procedure. If conducted as an out-patient procedure you may leave the clinic after a period of postoperative recovery. In both cases you will be in the hands of a caring and professional medical team. Under no circumstances you may drive a car 24 hours after surgery.

What about narcosis?

Depending on the extend of your rejuvenation laser treatment, the procedure will be carried out under general or local anaesthesia. If the procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia, you will receive additional sedation (either as a pill or trough an intravenous line in your arm). Thus you will be awake and at the same time fully relaxed and feel no pain. At worst you might feel some pintching every now an than during the operation. In both cases, especially if general anaesthesia is planned, you will consult one of our anaesthetists before the operation. The anaesthesist conducting your narcosis will of course be taking care of you all the way trough the operation.

What happens during a laser procedure?

At the day of the procedure we defined the areas you wish to be treated again. Then a strong local anesthetic cream is applied. The laser procedure itself is carried out in the operation theater, under local or general anaesthesia under sterile conditions and with all laser safety precautions ( e.g. protective eye wear). The operation is painless, at worst you might feel some stinging. Depending on your individual indication superficial skin layers will be tightend by vaporisation and the deeper layers are firmed by collagen contraction.

The first 24 hours after your laser skin rejuvination

  • During the first 24 hours after the treatment skin redding and local swellings may occur.
  • Transparent plasters are applied for protection and comfort in the areas treated.
  • During a five day period they will be regularly checked on and changed.
  • The surfaces must not be exposed to friction and contamination.
  • Gauzes that cover your eyes, may be removed after 2 hours or straight away in case of discomfort.
  • Cool packs should be changed every two hours.
  • Please take the medication as prescribed. Aou may start to work out again after 2 weeks.

Please contact us in case of:

  • A strong stinging sensation (moderate stinging is normal)
  • Sudden massive swellings or bleeding.
  • Strong wound secretion and oozing ( moderate, clear wound secretion is normal)
  • Excessive redness or wound contamination (moderate redness is normal)

Skin Care:

  • Leave plasters in places for 5 days.
  • Regular application of cool packs
  • After plasters are removed, local antibiotic cream serves as germ protection
  • Make-up may be applied when the skin surface is recoverd (after usually two days). Avoid skin irritation by putting and removing the make up with a dapping motion.
  • Use baby oil or non perfumed products for make-up removal.
  • Your rejuvenated young skin can not sufficiently produced lubricant yet. Panthenol Cream prevent skin dryness in that case.
  • For the first 14 days after the operation try to give yours eyes as much rest as possible and sleep a lot.
  • You can do some moderate reading or watching TV 2 days after the operation.

General hints after laser treatment

  • Try to sleep lying on your back with your head elevated for the first weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid any physical stress and exhausting activities during the first weeks after surgery.
  • You may take a shower on eday after the operation, but make sure to not involve the areas treated.
  • Most of the swelling will disappear within the first week after the operation. In rae cases ( eg allergic reations) the swelling may last longer.
  • Additional lymphatic drainage therapy help to reduce persistent swellings. Please discuss this option with us in order to avoid any risk.
  • After laser treatment your skin might look red, feel tense and sting slightly. These sensations are transient and will usually disappear within one week. Please remain patient in that case.
  • The initial superficial shrinking effect that smoothens your skin becomes visible straight after lasertherapy. The final result is expected after 6 months.
  • The deep laser effect that firmes and tightens the tissue under your skin, gradually comes into action in the first weeks after surgery. The final result is expected after 6 months.
  • Protect your skin from sun radiation and use sun-screen or sun-blockers. Your skin is extra sensitive after laser-therapy.

Can laser procedures be repeated?

If the effect of your laser-therapy drops a couple of years after your primary laser-treatment, a repetition of the treatmet is possible. If you wish to correct the outcome of a laser treatment it is adviable, to wait for at least 6 months after the previous treatment when results are stabile.


Laser-therapy is a classical procedure to enhance the physical appearance. Therfore they are rarely covered by health insurances. In case of a true functional impairment we are happy to state the possible functional improvement to your insurance. Please understand that we must refuse any attempt to depict a true “aesthetic condition” as a medical one due to our responsibily as doctors. Please discuss possible tax deductability with your tax consultant.

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